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Road Map

UX Research




How might I help CEOs/COOs of the machine industry to always stay informed about their machine health, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (ROI Analysis) and live energy consumption reports anywhere?


A mobile app for CEOs/COOs provides the following features at the individual machine level, group of machines and overall manufactory

  1. Live energy consumption graphs with flexible constraint customization

  2. Live machine health with an intuitive visual representation

  3. Latest OEE calculator with complete ROI analysis

  4. Instant notification of ongoing machine deteriorations and maintenance schedules with AI-aided commentary - for helping clients in making decisions about future production costs and predicting machine optimal work capacity

“I appreciate the energy consumption data of each part of the machine and also the group of machines from this app so I can monetize the data and recommend better preventive maintenance schedules to my clients.”

~ Commented by David Wall, CEO, Guardian Machine Protection

Product Design Team

 Nirmalkumar Patel

 Rachel Honesto

 Siddhi Joshi


 David Wall

 CEO, Guardian Machine Protection

 Lou Lenzi

 Professor of Practice, SOIC, IUPUI

 Design Director (retd.), GE Appliances

Work (8 Weeks):  Market analysis of the machine industry, UX research for GMP and CEOs/COOs of its client industry, Digital solution, Marketing strategy to launch the product in the current industry service market.

Tools: Team framework, Dependency map,
Environmental analysis, Landscape map,

Business model canvas, Persona building,

Value proposition map, Customer profiling, Industry literature review, User interviews,

Figma, Balsamiq, Photoshop, SWOT analysis

Value Proposition


Business Model Canvas

Platform Design

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Road Map

Guardian Machine Protection (GMP) is an equipment maintenance services provider for small-medium size manufacturers in Central and North-Central Indiana. GMP is interested in expanding its current machine maintenance services offer to include monitoring energy usage at the individual machine level.

Client Goal

To provide GMP’s clients with the electricity usage data in such a form that will allow them to better manage their energy costs, anticipate potential maintenance actions, and improve overall operating efficiency.

  • CEOs/COOs want to only know about financial matters, production management and inventory predictions

  • CEOs/COOs only worry about constant production regardless of maintenance schedules and varying machine capacities

Assumed Work Dependency

Assumed Dependency

Desk Research 1 - Data Networks and Communication Protocols

  • System connection - Sensors need to fit in the existing network

  • Data acquisition - Real-time monitoring, logging, decision-making - Can their network handle this?

  • Proactive maintenance and Factory automation must be considered for leading the field

  • Why do we care?

    • ​Raspberry Pi → MQTT Client → MQTT Broker → Web server → Web browser → Google Chart

    • Data retribution method needed to be sorted out either from the client pool or GMP's own leased equipment

  • Key takeaways - Studied about following technologies

    • Hubs/Gateways vs SD card/Hard-wired

    • MQTT vs AMQP Protocol

    • Hybrid protocol - Rabbit MQ

Desk Research 2  - Edge and Cloud Computing

  • Key takeaways - Studied about following technologies - 

    • Cloud Computing​

    • Edge Computing​

    • Web of Things (WoT)​

  • Major Players

    • Gateway Tech - Cisco, Advantech, Intel, Siemens, Huawei

    • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Intel, Advantech, AWS, SAP, IBM, Microsoft

  • GMP needs to focus on

    • Cabling cost, required bandwidth, existing infrastructure

    • Wired = critical operations

    • Wireless = data collection and monitoring

Environmental Analysis was carried out to find the company's position in the IoT industry

Personal Trainer

40 years old, CEO


Look after own start-up since 2015 in the machine industry.


I need to know all energy consumptions by motors, machines, factories, etc. so I can predict future cost and production line up.”

“We maintain CNCs but it's very hard to keep up with complex UIs and downtimes.”

Studio Portrait

48 years old, COO


Working in a well-established manufacturing equipment industry situated in northern Indiana.


“Service contract for routine maintenance is so much per hour, and they cover the costs of lodging/food and most of the time they don’t get anything. After some days, the factory goes down and has to stop production.”

“I do need to know when energy usage is stable so we can go ahead with daily productions and on the predicted unstable days we can schedule downtimes.”

Professional Male

60 years old, CEO


Managing multi-national ventures under a big corporation of USA.


“I get the bad news at last as technicians, op managers all try their best and then let me know that something is not working.”

“I don’t know if particular machines that need more maintenance are reliable for future work.”

Made Persona to idealize target audience


Empathized the persona and characterized the target customer profile

Emapthy Map


Customer Profile


Actual work dependency was mapped against the assumed one earlier...

  • Industry Problem Statement - How might we help Guardian Machine Protection leverage the Industrial IoT ecosystem in building a remote ‘energy monitoring system’ to help their clients improve machine operations through maintenance predictions, energy usage and involuntary task assignment based on the role of each working in the machine industry?

  • CEO-level Problem Statement (to address by my role)- How might I help CEOs/COOs of the machine industry to always stay informed about their machine health, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (ROI Analysis) and live energy consumption reports anywhere?

investment (1).png


ROI of each machine for optimal production cost



Fully customize energy reports are crucial



Relate machine health and electricity consumption



Get urgently high-level alerts related to production


Return-of-Investment (Chart)

ROI (Numbers)

Energy Usage Charts

Maintenance History



Professional Male

 David Wall, CEO, GMP

"I also want to send alerts to CEO/COOs about ongoing scheduling work in addition to informing them about possible downtime as I get so many calls from them regarding this issue"

Personal Trainer

Bryan, CEO, Kountry Wood

"I like the idea of maintenance summary but I am wondering what you can give me through ROI of machine-by-machine and how I can leverage that."

Studio Portrait

Melisa, COO, AMP Inc.

"I am intrigued with energy consumption graph as it would help me a lot but I think sometimes I need to know about high-priority machines as they are critical for major revenue generation."


Final Prototype

GMP's Energy Connect

The Energy Connect app with Preventative maintenance assistant & Power of IoT

Home Screen : When the CEO/COO opens the app it instantly shows the customized energy consumption of the whole factory, live machine health of high priority machines set by the op managers and energy cost difference based on estimated electricity rate.

Machine Health : The CEO/COO can check each machine's live health with the simplest recognizable color coding and also has the ability to put up the notes to later discuss with managers and technician heads.

Machine Downtime Report : It shows the monthly energy consumption graph of a single machine and also a group of machines to acknowledge the CEO/COOs about downtimes through energy monitoring and ultimately helps them predict future production schedules and stock piling.

Replacement Asset Value (RAV) : The CEO/COO can easily calculate the RAV value of each machine based on its age, initial purchase cost and the app-aided energy consumption till this date and finally get Return of Investment value which helps them to predict maintenance contract needs or new machine order requirement.

Critical Alert : The CEO/COO can instantly get critical alerts in three phases - Warning, Critical and Mitigating that gives possible downtime of multiple machines, impromptu production shutdown and work statistics over those issues respectively with proper reasoning.

Usability Test

Personal Trainer

Bryan, CEO, Kountry Wood

“I like the feature of checking each machine's energy consumption at my fingertips”

Studio Portrait

Melisa, COO, AMP Inc.

“I do need the live ROI analytics of machines so I don’t have to ask each time my CAs and have to go through their long statistical reports.”

Professional Male

 David Wall, CEO, GMP

“I appreciate the energy consumption data of each part of the machine and also the group of machines so I can monetize that data and better recommend accurate preventive maintenance schedules to my clients.”

CMMS and IoT Integration


Automated maintenance assignment according to

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) data

Portable Monitoring

Extra sensors that can be purchased and moved around to machines of concern

Business model design & strategy is my cup of tea

Product management is growing in me

Market Analysis can be my strength

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