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I'm Nirmal (nih-r-muh-l), UX/Product Designer with a Computer Science background excelling in Business Design Thinking and Product Psychology.

My expertise lies in Enterprise Design, Speculative Design, Market Analysis, In-depth Inquiries, Ideation.

Currently tuned at                            (TV provider, smart home services and 5G wireless retailer).


Industry Project

Preventive Maintenance

Industry Project

Commercial Auto EV Industry


Industry Project

Search and Rescue

Case Studies

Industry Projects

's Energy Connect

An IoT-based Energy & ROI predicting

Intelligent Machine Maintenance System (IMMS)

# Preventive Maintenance

# High-Fid Prototype

# Buisness Model Design

 Role : UX Consultant

​An app is designed

for C-suite executives

of manufacturing industry

that alerts them about critical downtime through data visualization of -

1.Live machine health 2.Machine energy charts

3.Maintenance schedule

's Nest Incubator

An I.P. generating incubator business model

for the Commercial Electric Vehicles (EV) industry

# Autonomous Electric Vehicle

# IoT Data Architecture 

# Enterprise Market Analysis

# Business Model Design

Role : UX Consultant

An Architecture called 'Nest Incubator’ to produce Intellectual Properties using IoT data, design consultancy and functional safety analytics for the EV industry.


Full-time Role: UX Designer & Researcher

A Fortune 200 company

I provided in-depth UX expertise for the following products in the discovery, define, design, and user testing phases.

I delivered bi-weekly design iterations as per business demands during my all tenure presiding over a year.

Customer Experience (B2C)

Agent Experience (Services)

➔ Customer Care Assistance Platform (Web)

New Customer Acquisition Assistance Tool (Web)

➔ Campfire - DISH B2C Design System


Technician Experience (Sales)

TV Technician Sales Assist (Mobile App)



➔ Smart Home Devices Sales Assist (Mobile App)

Administrator Experience (B2B)

➔ Telecom Inventory Software-as-a-Service (5G retail)

➔ TV Platform-as-a-Service For B2B Businesses


Full-Year Contract

Gravity Drive Logo

Client: GravityDrive Inc

GravityDrive provides UX research, design, evaluation, and support services to help build a great experience.

Resource Drive : A SAR Resource Management​ & Carpool Assistance App

Role : Product Designer

An ambitious project of GravityDrive in Search & Rescue (SAR) domain to help SAR volunteers and leaders optimally manage the mission time and personal SAR resources without any hindrance and/or mental stress.

Registration & Member Card,

Inventory & Discount Stores

Mission Acceptance

& Resource Checklist

Carpooling Request

Nirmal is a sincere UX designer, highly synergetic, and humble in nature.

What My Client Says...

David Wall


Guardian Machine Protection


      Nirmal worked on my presented challenge in his “IoT Design and Business Innovation” course during the spring of 2021, to help my company leverage IoT in the business of predictive machine maintenance particularly focusing on small manufacturing businesses of Northern Indiana.

      He showcased a thorough UX research of the current market and provided invaluable business insights on how to squarely use IoT data to boost up the accuracy of predictive maintenance scheduling. In this project, Nirmal came up with a critical IoT-centered business model and he also conceptualized an energy monitoring app to better understand the model's feasibility in practice.

      Nirmal is a sincere UX designer, highly synergetic, always brings positive energy to teamwork, and humble in nature.


UXR Projects


Grocery Shopping Experience

 Problem framing for grocery shoppers of Kroger

# UX Research in Framing Problems

# Grocery Shopping Experience


Role : UX Researcher

UX research is carried out to understand the whole shopping process, ongoing thinking, and the problems that arise to the shoppers during grocery shopping.​

Single-Use Plastics

How to define the plastics waste domains in shopping?

# UX Research in Framing Problems

# Single-Use Plastics


Role : UX Researcher

Understand the prevalence of single-use plastics in grocery shopping and acknowledge its alternative efforts among grocery shoppers and grocery store staff.

Coming Soon...

UXD Projects



A.I. smartwatch that balances workdays of professionals

# Balance Personal-Professional Life

# High-Fid Prototype

Role : UX Designer

The 'Balance' smartwatch is created as a concept product designed for the business professionals constantly on the go between work and home life to intuitively assist them in keeping personal and professional priorities on task. 

Caring Jags

Constructive habit builder for COVID-19 pandemic stress

# High-Fid Prototype

# COVID-19 Pandemic

Role : UX Designer

'Caring Jags' is a concept app that provides innovative features to lift up the morale of the IUPUI community in the COVID-19 pandemic while constantly tracing the hygiene activities of the nearby public places.​

Blue to Cream Gradient


- of -

Design Coterie Club, IUPUI

Design Coterie Club IUPUI

I started a UX club to exercise cohesive design thinking activities with HCI graduate cohorts.


Design Coterie engages to promulgate experience design knowledge, cohesive work experience and design thinking strategies among the experience design community.

I mentored the following Collaborative UX sessions -
  • Whiteboarding

    • UXR Focus Groups​

    • 30-minute Design Sprint

  • UX Brainstorming

    • Five Whys

    • S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

    • Walt Disney Strategy

    • Reverse Brainstorming

  • Wizard of Oz

  • Landscape Mapping

    • Empathy Map

    • Business Model

    • Service Map​

    • Mental Model

  • Roleplay​​

    • 6 Thinking Hats

  • Design Critique

  • Storyboarding